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Blazing Desert ComicCon | San Luis, Arizona USA



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The Arizona Legacy Rangers are excited to be back for our third Blazing Desert Comic Con. They're a charity group that focuses on bringing Power Rangers cosplay, prints and contests all over the state.Started as a group of friends getting together to talk all things Power Rangers, it has become a way for us to bring them all over AZ. Come by, get pictures with our cosplayers, get a print or two and maybe even win a prize!


Corgi Cosplay includes Ciel, Kiba & their human sidekick Nicole! Ciel started cosplaying in '19.Through cosplay, Nicole has learned how to better manage her mental health. She loves sharing with others about what she deals with and tries to help others. They have guested @ over 20 cons, featured in articles online/print. She loves talking on cosplay positivity & it being for everyone, regardless of size, color, gender, even species!



Cosplay Choco is a costume designer, seamstress, and cosplay model based in Arizona. She's a big fan of anime, manga, and fantasy and is always trying to combine them into something new and exciting. She strives to not only make detailed and intricate costumes but to also make them fun, affordable and sustainable. Cosplay may be be a hobby for her but she strives to make the cosplay community more accepting and diverse one stitch at a time!


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