“My name is Jerry, but my cosplay name is Zero. I’ve been cosplaying for a total of maybe a year. My cosplay journey started when I was about 16 I had gone to Anaheim cali. To go to Disneyland, when we arrived I noticed a lot of people dressed up as anime characters then I found out that Anime Expo was being held at the convention center. That was both my first time cosplaying as well as attending a con. My first cosplay was vash and I bought the outfit and prop and wig from there I just grew to love cosplay. Afterwards I wasn’t very knowledgeable on cosplay or cons so I never did it again till about a year ago when I went to Anime Expo last year and cosplayer as kirito. I mostly work with Foam armor and props. I won an award for best cosplay in the skit category in YumaCon for my Gunnery SGT buck armor from halo 3: ODST. That was the first time I had won an award for my cosplay. I plan to open up a Ramen shop here in Yuma and plan to incorporate cosplay into it, encouraging people to come in dressed as their favorite heroes villains or anime characters to go up on a wall of fame within the shop.”

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