Natalie Arvizu

Natalie Arvizu is a Southwestern US cosplayer, promotional model, gamer, and all around nerd. Natalie has been cosplaying since 2014 and loves to cosplay characters from her favorite video games and animes!

You can find Natalie at the exhibit hall and will be a Guest Judge for the Masquerade!

Corgi Cosplay

Corgi Cosplay is made up of Kiba the Cosplay Corgi and his mom, Nicole! Kiba has been cosplaying since 2013 and Nicole started cosplaying with him in 2015! Their cosplays are mainly anime and video game based, since that is Nicole’s favorite things.

Also, super awesome fact, Kiba is actually Nicole’s service dog! Kiba had to go through tons of training! So whether you have cosplay questions or dog training quests, Nicole is here to help!”

Heartless Aquarius

Heartless Aquarius is an Arizona-based cosplayer and actress. Ever since she first went to San Diego Comic Con in 2007, she was hooked on cosplaying and nerd culture. She designs and sews costumes, styles ornate wigs, and constructs props for both cosplay and film. Most of her cosplay designs stem from her love of Pokémon. When she is not studying for school, you can find her hanging out with friends, watching anime, and gaming. Her current favorite anime are Yuri On Ice, Death Parade, and Food Wars.

Cosplay Judge: Laru Cosplay

Laru Cosplay has been cosplaying for over 7 years. She enjoys going to cons and coordinating them since she gets to make so many new friends along the way! While she is a fan of making challenging cosplays, she largely prefers creating costumes from materials she already owns around her house. Her motto is, “Cosplay is for everyone. If you’re having fun, you’re doing it right!” When she’s not attending cons and being weird, she is kept busy by teaching college, working at her local library, and running YumaCon.

Photo by Scarlet Photography

Cosplay Judge: Lillim00

Part time cosplayer and part time cow enthusiast, lillim00 was born and raised right here in Yuma, Arizona.
Cosplaying since 2014 lillim00’s passion for the trade sparked when Blazing Desert hosted Yuma’s very first convention. Since then she has judged several masquerades and cosplay contest including Yuma County Library’s Free Comic Book day and Blazing Desert of course!
While lillim00 is known for her last minute cosplays, she spends most of her time organizing workshops for local cosplayers to meet and work on their costumes together. She enjoys bringing people together and creating positive environments for everyone to share.

Guest: Carla Perez

Please give a warm welcome to our special guest Carla Perez!
Best known for her role as the evil sorcerous, Rita Repulsa on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series. Carla began her career portraying RITA Repulsa back in 1993 to present day. She has all together appeared in 75 episodes over several seasons which include: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo, Power Rangers in Space and Power Rangers DinoThunder. She also portrays Rita in “Turbo:A Power Rangers Movie”, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers-Ninja Quest (Video) and Lord Zedd’s Monster Heads: The Greatest Villains of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Video short). She also had a recurring role on the V.R. Troopers TV Series as Ziktor’s Beauty. Carla is also the president of MC Tech. Serv., loves technology and has a degree in computer programming. Her most recent project was portraying Rita Repulsa in Adi Shankar and Joseph Kahn’s internet viral sensation, “Power/Rangers” (reboot), a short sci-fi film.


Cosplay Judge: MoNic Cosplays

MoNic Cosplays is a Yuma resident and owner of A Healing Touch Day Spa in Downtown Yuma she’s also a face painter and party entertainer with her other business Anime Avenue. Born in Yuma but raised mostly in Phoenix she has been in the cosplay and comicon community for well over ten years and uses the knowledge she gained from her classes in Design and Merchandising and being around other cosplayers to create her own patterns and designs for cosplay and is always trying something new. She is an advocate for using her passion toward charity and volunteer which she likes to call ‘Causeplay’ and has been associated with the Arizona Avengers for many years. She encourages anyone to cosplay and to not let the fear or insecurities of their color, size or shape matter because she believes the art form is for everyone not just a select few.

Guest: Stray Kat

Please welcome special Cosplay guest Stray Kat Cosplay!
Thespian gone Rogue (literally and figuratively), Stray Kat has been cosplaying since 2012, but has been creating costumes for shows since she was 14! Marvel Fan-Girl, Disney Princess Wanna-Be and All-Around Geek, Kat’s favorite part of cosplay is leaving herself behind and representing a character she admires. Even better is meeting others who shares the same love for the same characters, and nerd-ing out together! Also a published Pin-Up model under the name Kat Noir, Stray Kat Cosplay is honored and excited to be seeing you at Blazing Desert Comic Con!

Meet her at the exhibitor hall!